Debbie Abrahams has just announced that applications for The Mystery Blanket Club 2013 are now open.  The club has a limited membership.

The Mystery Blanket Club is a unique knitting experience which invites knitters from all over the world to join. Over ten months, subscribers receive patterns and materials to knit individual squares which join together to make an exquisite blanket. The theme of the project is kept secret, only to be discovered as the squares are completed and the blanket takes shape. This year Debbie has given us a bit of a clue by revealing the yarns used will be Rowan Tweed, Felted Tweed, Kid Classic and Rowan Pure Wool DK – an interesting combination of yarns and so intriguing.

Through the club, friendships have been made, techniques have been mastered and many happy hours of knitting have been had. Each design is exclusive and will not be published in any other format when the club has closed. This is a one-off project that is a must-have for knitters of all abilities!

So make sure you sign up now prices start from £205 for UK membership.

For press information contact

Nicky Hale at Bluebear 01707 320274

About The Mystery Blanket Club

How many months will the project run for?

The project will begin on January 15th 2013 and will run for ten months.

New to 2013

Patterns will be sent monthly by email.  The first email will be sent on January 15th with subsequent emails sent on the first of the month (Feb to October).

Yarn and beads will be sent in three parcels (post date January 15th/1st March/1st May)



  1. Roberta Mandel September 27, 2012 / 1:11 pm

    Would like to sign up for Mystery Blanket Club 2013, how do I do that?
    Please lest me know at Thank you

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