KnitPro’s 12 Days of Christmas



The air is full of Christmas spirit at KnitPro and to celebrate the award-winning brand, known for its fantastic ranges of knitting needles, crochet hooks and accessories will be celebrating with a very special ’12 Days of Christmas’ celebration with over 70 items to give away.

Turning the popular Christmas song on its head, the KnitPro 12 Days of Christmas campaign will begin on 5th December.  The giveaways are as follows:

12 Clickies clicking

11 Yarn Cutters cutting

10 Packs of stitch markers marking

9 Colour Cables

8 Repair Hooks mending

7 Needle Sizers

6 Wave crochet hooks

5 sets of DPNs

4 Jumbo Birch crochet hooks

3 Royale Midi sets

2 Wave Crochet sets and

1 gorgeous Melodie gift set.

The giveaways will run on the KnitPro Facebook page but your readers can make sure they get a reminder on 4th December by singing up to the KnitPro mailing list.

For press information contact Juliet Bernard at Bluebear.

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