Stylecraft Announces New Blogstar


Stylecraft is delighted to announce that the designer of the hugely popular ‘Demelza’ and ‘Ross’ blankets, Catherine Bligh has joined the brand as one of its Blogstars.

Catherine’s blog is called Catherine’s Crochet Corner and is a beautiful exploration of her crochet experiences with helpful hints and tips. “I started my blog in August 2016, when it became clear that I wasn’t just dipping my toes into design, I was really going for it. I cover all of my crochet adventures, both my own designs and the projects I do from other people’s designs,” she says.

Catherine first picked up a hook in 2009 as a way to express her creativity and to keep herself occupied despite the limitations of chronic illness. Taught how to chain by her mother, Catherine then turned to books and the internet to learn everything else. She started with scarves and basic hats, then turned to amigurumi and eventually plucked up the courage to see if she had the concentration to make a blanket.

A few years and 30-odd blankets down the line, Catherine decided to embark on the challenge of making her own designs. She takes inspiration from nature, particularly her garden, and also from literature, in which she gained a degree at university. She particularly loves creating projects that are textually, as well as visually, interesting.

The ‘Demelza’ blanket was Catherine’s first ever blanket design, and she has been overwhelmed by the success of it, with hundreds of blankets made in many different countries across the world.

Catherine’s favourite Stylecraft yarn is Special DK, her go-to yarn because it is a lovely soft acrylic, and it comes in such an amazing range of colours

As an emerging designer, Catherine was an obvious choice to be asked to join the Stylecraft Blogstars. She explains why she was so excited to get involved: “When I was asked if I would be interested in becoming a Blogstar, I was really stunned – so many of the Blogstars are people whose work I’ve been familiar with since my earliest days crocheting! It’s a real thrill to join them, and to work with Stylecraft, who have been incredibly friendly and helpful to me as a newbie designer.”

Catherine’s ‘Ross’ design is going to be the latest CAL in the Pippin Crochet Club, kicking off on 11th July.  The team at Stylecraft are busily making a whole host of ‘how-to’ videos to help crocheters with a range of techniques.  The Ross pattern will also be hosted on the Stylecraft website.

Stylecraft will be working with Catherine on a special project in the future but you will have to wait until 2018 to find out more.

For press information contact Juliet Bernard at Bluebear.

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