Internationally Renowned Graffiti Artist Visits Welwyn Garden City To Make His Mark

Anyone walking to and from the Howard’s Centre or railway station recently will have noticed two amazing new artworks taking shape on the water tanks adjacent to the old Shredded Wheat factory.

Internationally renowned Graffiti artist, Otto Schade, was invited by ZM Land & Capital to bring some excitement and colour to the proposed Wheat Quarter development.  While he was creating his signature art, he took time out to meet local media studies students from Oaklands College.

John West, a Director at ZM Land & Capital said:

“We are delighted to have welcomed Otto to become part of the Shredded Wheat Quarter Art vision. His work is respected around the world and is an inspiration to so many young people. As we continue to discuss the project with the Council, we look forward to the Wheat Quarter playing its part in a 21st century Welwyn Garden City.”

Schade is originally from Chile and studied as an architect before applying his creativity on to buildings rather than designing them.  He chose to become a graffiti or street artist to bring art to the public, making it more accessible to all. Schade is heavily influenced by surreal and abstract art and his work can be seen all over the world from the US to Kenya, Japan, China, many parts of Europe and now Welwyn Garden City.

Schade commented:

“With my art I am always searching for something different.  The tanks on this site really appealed to me because of the scale I could achieve.  It’s an iconic site and I’m excited to be able to kick off the guys’ ambitious plans for public art.”

The students were amazed by the location.  One of them told us:

“The graffiti brings more attention and excitement to Welwyn Garden City.  Being on a site like this gives it shine.”

For more information about the proposed Wheat Quarter development visit

To follow Otto Schade’s work connect with him on Instagram (@otto_schade) and Twitter (@OttoSchade)

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