KnitPro Unveils Exciting New Collection for 2018

It’s the time of year when knitters and crocheters all over the country are eagerly waiting to see what goodies KnitPro is launching for the coming season, and this year they are in for a real treat.

Focussing mainly on accessories, the product development team have come up with a collection that offers something for every crafter.

Row counter ring

ring CollageA smart and easy to wear accessory that keeps track of your knitting or crochet pattern and looks like a pretty cool piece of jewellery. These rings are made from high quality stainless steel, coated using a special technology and are available in four popular sizes.

Zing single ended crochet hooks & set

zing CollageZing’s popularity continues to sky-rocket! After receiving input from crocheters all over Europe, the brand has decided to extend the Zing concept to a range of crochet hooks.

KnitPro now offers Single Ended Zing Crochet Hooks in sizes 2 – 6.00mm and the  Zing Set includes nine popular sizes in a beautifully designed fabric pouch.

Zing interchangeable needles

 By popular demand KnitPro has added sizes 3.00 and 3.25mm to its Zing ranges of interchangeable and fixed circular needles.

Magnetic knitter’s necklace kit

magnetic CollageAnother piece of lovely jewellery that is also functional for knitters. Simply wear it around your neck and a cable needles and stitch markers are just where you need them. So no more scraffling around for those essential tools!

The pendant is made from KnitPro’s popular multi-coloured wood and embedded with magnets. It has a very comfortable leather cord that can be adjusted to the required length.  The kit comes as a pack of one pendant with the leather cord, three shapes and sizes of cable needles, 20 stitch markers and one fabric pouch to store all these accessories.

Accessories for magnetic knitter’s necklace kit

The cable needles and stitch markers included in the Magnetics Knitter’s Necklace Kit are also available in individual packing so these can be purchased separately as per knitter’s requirement.


Nostepinne CollageTrying to recreate the tools of the bygone era, KnitPro is happy to revive the old Scandinavian art of winding yarn through the use of a Nostepinne (a portable ball winder).

Rainbow knit blockers

blocker CollageKnitPro’s revolutionary blocking tool, which has been designed to speed up the blocking process for knitters & crocheters alike now comes with a brand new playful look!

The new Rainbow Blockers come in ten different colours included in the pack. Now knitters can have more fun while blocking their favourite projects!

New Zooni stitch markers

zooni CollageSuper cute shapes and colourful stitch markers add fun to your knitting.  Bright colours stand out on all yarn shades.  The new markers come in a pack of 12 with a cute little mesh pouch for easy storage.

Knitting charms

charm CollageThese charms emerged as a real show stopper at the Cologne trade show where they were launched. A multipurpose accessory that comes with a repair hook & needle which can also double up as a key ring, a bag charm or simply the ideal gift for your yarnie friends.

Flora shawl pins

Shawl CollageKnitPro’s new shawl pin designs are inspired by nature and are the perfect accessory for any  garment or shawl – the perfect finishing touch. The eight new designs are a pieces of art in themselves.

Vibrance pouches

Pouches CollageOrganize your important items with these bright mesh pouches. Perfect for household, travel, business, or personal belongings…..and all the more perfect for your knitting projects. Three assorted sizes (small, medium and large) with two different closures (button and zipper) available in three different colours mean you have a size and style for just about anything.

The KnitPro 2018 collection will be available from the beginning of September.

For press information contact Juliet Bernard at Bluebear.



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