KnitPro Unveils New Gift Set

KnitPro has launched its gorgeous gift set for 2018, called Knit & Purr, that encapsulates the idea of a cozy home……the place that we call our own, the place that provides us with solace and joy!

There is something about the warmth of a home. The cozy feeling when you’re curled up beside the fireplace knitting warmth for your loved ones, or with a book and a lovely cup of tea. The feeling when your cat snuggles beside you, purring with a sense of contentment.

The KnitPro design team had great fun playing with words and decided to give a new twist to knit and purl and came up with Knit & Purr as the name for the new gift set.

Knit & Purr is a collection of Millennium interchangeable knitting needles which are unique in every sense of the word! The needles are made from a combination of black and red laminated wood using a special process that creates a special random pattern. The process of making the wood has been specially devised and the pattern only emerges when the wood pieces are painstakingly brought together when they are handcraft by KnitPro’s team of highly skilled craftsmen. The manufacturing technique means no two needles would be ever alike.

KnitPro has teamed up with acclaimed young designers to come up with an absolute marvel of a box this time. The elements of the box come together to make the Knit and Purr set one to really treasure and a most wonderful gift idea for the festive season ahead.

The Knit & Purr set contains:

Nine pairs of the Millenium Interchangeable Needle Tips with black connectors in sizes 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0 & 8.0mm

Four black cables in lengths of 60cm, 80cm (2) and 100cm, and a set of cable

connectors packed in a fabric pouch

Each ‘Knit & Purr’ set comes with a free reusable Tote Bag made in an eco-friendly fabric which will serve the knitters for a long time to come. When not in use, the tote can be simply folded to fit inside the small fabric pouch provided to store the cables and other accessories.

KnitPro is very proud of their new gift set and hopes that all their knitters will purring with contentment while using the new Millennium needles!

For press information contact Juliet Bernard at Bluebear.



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