KnitPro Unveils Holiday Gift Set with a Caffeinated Twist

Continuing the annual tradition, KnitPro has just revealed it’s Holiday Gift set called Knit and Sip.

This cheerful set is based on the theme of knitting and coffee.  We all know how well the two go together, which is why KnitPro decided to celebrate the two things so many of us love.

The beautiful interchangeable tips are designed in shades of coffee and the set includes two ceramic espresso cups, so knitters can enjoy a cup while knitting. Each colour is unique and named after a type of coffee-based drink to make identifying the sizes nice and easy; Cortado (3.5mm), Latte (4mm), Capuccinno (4.5mm), Macchiato (5mm), Irish Coffee (5.5mm), Espresso (6mm), Americano (7mm) and Ristretto (8mm).

The needles are presented in a plush velvet box and the accessories, including 4 coffee-coloured cables, come in a matching pouch.

Such a beautiful set is sure to appear on many a wish list for Christmas and will be in stores from the beginning of November.

For press information contact Juliet Bernard at Bluebear.

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